Is It Right 3?


But I do know right from wrong. It isn't right to treat people in a manner in which you yourself would not want to be treated.

Hello my name is Wanda Payne. I live in the southeastern USA.

As you look at the beautiful picture of the highway curving upward around the mountain, you can only see to the edge of the curve, can't you? 

In order to see what is around that next corner you have to keep driving/walking forward don't you?

When there is a new/unknown change that we have to make in our lives and we can't see the outcome, we may hesitate or procrastinate to move forward because of fear of the unknown. I have been that way many times. When I was a child being transferred to a new school, to getting married, to having our first child with my husband; all these were big steps in my life that I was compelled to go through with because they were good Godly things


Most of us do not understand why we are here. We are here to be God's hands and feet and eyes. We are here to be a help to each other. We are not here to gossip, fingerpoint, backbite or hate each other. We are also not here to pretend that we belong to God to just step on other people and try to bring them into bondage through lies and deception




Many people today, as a matter of fact maybe the most of the people who inhabit this planet do not believe that that there is a REAL GOD WHO really does exist and truly does love us. The photo above dipicts HIS best for us in family life. One man and one woman with their child or children.

What this photo represents has been attacked and ridiculed over the last decade or so. Regardless, this is representative of the family unit that GOD wants us to have.

When we follow this model for family life, things most certainly go a lot easier for us. 

The only problem is that many, many, many people have not had an opportunity to be a part of a loving family unit; with a mom, a dad and sisters and brothers. 

You cannot copy a family life that you have never experienced. Therefore you may be led to think that in this upside down world, it doesn't exist.

It exists, most certainly. But without the power and wisdom of GOD behind it, in these days we live in currently, it's close to impossible. In fact it is impossible.

Proverbs 24:3 says, "Through Wisdom is a house built; and by Understanding is it established:"

"And if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand. Mark 3:25.

Parents are not teaching their children these Bible truths.  And if the parents don't believe these verses; the offspring will not learn these things at home. And the divide of the family of the son or daughter will happen even quicker with all the external pressures coming from outside sources.

Excuse me, in this blog I neglected to mention that not only should the mom and dad live together, but they should be MARRIED. Before a preacher or a Justice of the Peace, Naval Minister, etc., someone who has been given the authority by GOD to link a man and a woman together through the state, county or city that they live in. This is so that the marriage is sealed in the sight of GOD and man. This is also so that GOD can bless the children of that union and the children are not considered, yes I'm going to say it, 'unclean' by Bible standards or by society. DO NOT GET ME WRONG, GOD LOVES ALL MANKIND, ALL CHILDREN, ALL MEN, ALL WOMEN , ALL RACES, ALL THE TIME.  BUT THE TRUE AND LIVING GOD CANNOT BLESS YOU WHEN YOU WALK AWAY FROM THE WORD, INSTRUCTIONS, BIBLE HE HAS GIVEN US TO LIVE BY. Turning away from the WORD of GOD causes divorce, hunger, homelessness, prison sentences, etc. You name it, all of mankind's problems are caused by turning from GOD'S WORD. But the children suffer the most. Small children without parents to learn from, will not learn how to treat themselves, or  others, to have respect for themselves, to know whether they are male or female, to know how they should be treated by the opposite sex and many other problems.  Folks GOD is only trying to help us by HIS WORD. To reject HIS WORD brings only heartache and pain that people try to fix with sex, drugs, pornography, money, you name it. I pray this helps someone in JESUS NAME.


God has shown us how much He cares for us by sending His Son to die for us and take our place from where we fell to when Adam obeyed Satan. The place we fell to was away from mankind being the god of this world to Satan becoming the god of this world. The title deed to the earth then went to Satan.

So that mankind could be saved through that man with flesh and blood. That's why The HOLY SPIRIT overshadowed Mary for her to receive JESUS into her womb and planted Jesus there. Joseph was a man who had sinned and could not sire a sinless child. 


The book of Matthew tells us of the lineage of JESUS. It also tells of the family line HE came into the earth through,so that mankind and Satan would know that the entrance of THE SON OF MAN into the earth realm was legal by GOD'S standards. Because GOD was basically locked out of operating on HIS own planet when Adam sinned.

The Love that God has for us is shown by the time HE has been willing to put into us by constantly making ways over the centuries for us to know HIM. He has had the BIBLE put into almost every language on earth. Before long the Bible will be in EVERY language on earth. It has been documented that money while it answers many problems on this earth; cannot keep mankind from loneliness, depression,heartache and the like.There is a place in each human heart that GOD has reserved for HIMSELF. No one and nothing else can fill that place but GOD alone. Money cannot, marriage though it is an institution of GOD cannot, because without GOD in your marriage Satan will rip it to shreds, as we see by the skyrocketing divorce rate and people simply living together without the benefit of marriage that will enable GOD to protect the family unit from the world system.

GOD has made a way for mankind to thrive in every area of life. But it takes time with GOD and learning HIS ways as HE has done for us by even dying for us and taking our place in hell.


A House Divided Cannot Stand

This is my story. My husband and I got married in December, 1985. He moved into the apartment that I had with me. Two years later we had a son. The apartment was only one bedroom so at this point it became too small.


We started looking for houses in the city where we live. When we found one because of our credit ratings we opted to go for a rent to own house less than half a mile away from our apartment.


We moved into our new home and had another child a girl this time, the first one was a boy.


We moved into our home in 1990. At that time neither me or my husband were saved. 


In January 1993, The Lord saved me. Before this time my husband and had already started having problems in our marriage. During the time right before I was saved the marriage was awful. 


You see the house that we moved into was just fine for me I wanted to continue on with the rent to own situation.


But as you know, your attitude changes when The Lord saves you, from darkness to LIGHT. I absolutely knew that God would enable us to buy that house and I even told the owner that we were going to buy it.


But being a new Christian I had zeal and not enough knowledge. 

My husband was not saved at this time. He could not see what I knew,that The Lord would enable us to buy that 6-room house. He wanted to moved to the neighborhood that he grew up in to save money. I did not care at all for that idea. 


Here was one of the biggest mistakes that I have made since becoming a Christian. I began to push for the house that I wanted instead of asking The Lord to lead us in HIS WILL for our situation. Needless to say, we became a house divided. Jesus told us that in Luke 11:17.


I did not understand what was happening at the time. My Bible study partner at the time didn't either. (I had started a neighborhood Bible study with one other lady 2 houses down from us). She also knew that The Lord would fix our situation but she didn't know what was wrong either.


Well, we lost the house because of my ignorance of the WORD. We also had to move in with my mother for 3 months. I love my mom but that could and should have been avoided!


THE LORD taught me how to depend on HIM to meet my needs from then on through the new church He sent us to. He told me to Worship Him and stay in His Word everyday.


After staying with my mother for nine weeks, it took only ONE WEEK of steady praise and worship for the Lord to put us in another house. I was so glad I ran outside and and praised He Lord outside. Everyone within sight of my mom's house disappeared before I was done. 

Folks I learned you can't just listen to the preacher on Sunday mornings, you can't just read the WORD at times when you feel like it. We have to do it like we've been told by our Creator how to do it in Joshua 1:8. This book of the law shall not depart out of Thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night that thou mayest observe to do according to ALL that is written therein.


This is old testament, yes but Jesus told His disciples in the NEW TESTAMENT to preach the Gospel to every nation. You can't do that without knowing on an ongoing basis what the Bible says for yourself or you'll eventually begin to mix in your own philosophy or let's be blunt, Satan's philosophy. 


I pray this testimony helps someone along their Christian journey. Thank you, Wanda Payne.


 Some years ago a prophet named Rick Joyner wrote a book called The Final Quest. I bought that book from our church bookstore and read it. 

That book was so far over my head that I had to read it over and over again to understand it. 

The book described the times we are living in right now. It described The Lord's Army. It described how some of His army follows Him completely and brings justice, happiness and joy to people's hearts and lives by obeying God's Word.  The book described this first group of The Body of Christ as planting good seeds in a lush valley and cleaning up the rivers they crossed and leaving good fruit trees with lucious fruit on them as they passed through the valley.

The next group described in The Final Quest book of The Body of Christ helped that same valley by cleaning some and planting some fruit trees. But they muddied the rivers somewhat of this same valley. And the fruit of anything they planted wasn't as good as the first group who gave their all to follow Jesus. 

Joyner wrote of a third group the largest group of The Body of Christ. This group walked through the same valley as the first two groups but this group trampled the grass into the ground, took all remaining fruit from all the trees and completely muddied up the rivers and streams.

Of course this valley that Rick Joyner spoke of was the earth we live in. When we don't give our absolute all for Jesus Christ every day we miss people who are desperate and have nowhere to turn and don't know what to do. They need JESUS CHRIST. They can't make it through this life without our Creator. None of us can. We become like the people in the second and third groups and cause harm and confusion in people's minds who are unsaved when we don't spend time with The Lord so He can get a good hold on us to work through us to help those we come in contact with on a daily basis.

I have been guilty of not spending enough time with The Lord so He can use me when He needs me. Your flesh takes over in situations where The Lord wants to work and help someone. Your mind says "I can't do that what will they think of me if I pray for that person who has just been in that wreck and needs prayer to calm down before the ambulance comes."

Let me tell you, I have obeyed The Lord in these situations and I have disobeyed. The Bible says The Lord sees our disobedience as witchcraft. It's the same as us saying to Him, "I don't need You God, I know what to do and how to live my life by myself." No we do NOT know how to live life by ourselves.

When we live our lives and reject God's Word. We hurt people's feeling without knowing it. We think we can walk off from our families to "find ourselves" and not pay for it as our families; especially our children pay for it. 

I suggest you read either The Bible or Rick Joyner's books, The Final Quest, The Call, There Were Two Trees in the Garden and many other books that Rick Joyner has written. No book takes precidence over The Bible though, these books that The Lord gives to certain people to write, are for us to understand The Bible better and comprehend the terrible times we are living in better. Thank you, I pray this helps someone. Wanda Payne


Public school transition Closets are the same demonically inclined programs as CRT, as antifa, as BLM, as the Biden administration, etc.  Once again, we will find out that the root of this seemingly new problem, is Satan. Parents who will not turn to the True and Living God themselves; cannot tell their children about a God Who loves them.

Satan is able at this time of either zero knowledge of our Creator, or news media, or friends or the like to fool teenagers into thinking they are something other than what the Creator made them to be, male or female! There is no other gender but these two. Now there are people who have been born with male and female organs. That is not what is being discussed here.  And God loves them as He does everyone else and we are to do the same. 

But millions of teens who are being pulled in by this lie that they are boys in girl's bodies and girls in boy's bodies are being indoctrinated into a lie. This is not going to expose their true identity. God sent males to be males. God sent females to be females. Simple.

School transition Closets where the public schools give students other clothing to wear after coming from home to class to make them feel "like themselves" is a demonic LIE. Please do not send clothing to these schools for this purpose. These teens are going to end up even more confused than before. This will not bring them happiness. Jesus Christ ALONE can do that, by you asking Him sincerely to come live in your heart with your own mouth. Please read the book of Romans in the new testament in the Bible. We have been told about men parading as women and women parading as men. Once again, God loves them and we are to love these people, but we have been told by God's Word to tell them the truth, even if they get mad at us. So that maybe some of them will be saved as some are even now.  Thank you, I pray this helps someone.

Only 7 Years

The heartbeat of every single human being ever born on this planet is started and kept going by The True and Living GOD. This includes all those from Adam and Eve until now, the 21st century, July 23, 2022 at this writing. That includes,

Joe Biden

Kamala Harris

Nancy Pelosi

Barack Obama 


It includes EVERYONE past, present and future on this planet that GOD made; humans and AI did not make. 


My point is this, For all of the things that have been done and will be done by those who hate GOD and who hate His people, there will ONLY be a 7 year rule time for you. It's written down in THE BIBLE. Three and a half years of that 7 year stretch will be okay for those who serve Satan. The last three and a half years will be a HORROR that only The Book of REVELATION in The Bible can possibly describe. 


Jesus loves us all, but not our sins, (wrong doings). He went to hell for us and took EVERYONE'S place there. If you are reading this Jesus took YOUR place there. The unhappiness you feel can ONLY be changed to joy by JESUS CHRIST. HE LOVES YOU. Simply say to Him, Jesus, Save Me, and He Will. 

I pray this helps someone.  Amen.

Proverbs 2:1-12

When Jesus said, "You must be born again", He meant that being born again is the beginning of finding out the reason why you are on this earth. It's for us to help each other along the way of the road of life.. 

A very important part of being born again is learning to follow The Holy Spirit constantly. Not doing that one thing causes you to fall off in a ditch. You feel confused, unhappy, angry at the smallest things. You want to leave, give up, you're hurt, selfish, blind.  You name it, it comes like a river. 

In Proverbs 2: 1-12 we are told to follow, run after, seek Wisdom, like we as humans normally would and do,  seek money, silver and gold.  I just really truly am beginning to understand that running after Wisdom is way better than running after earthly things. I knew this when I was first saved in 1993, but somehow I let that great revelation go, through living life. 

If you don't constantly seek God, (being a Christian), in these hard times we live in now , you simply will not make it. You will be deceived by Satan. That's because he is smarter than we are about how God made things to work and flow together on this earth.  Remember Satan used to live with God before inquity was found in him and he was kicked out of Heaven. He is a real being , those that laugh at that reality for too long will reap the consequences of not turning to Jesus Christ before it is too late. But the job of the saved is to pray for them every day.

In Proverbs chapter 2: 1-12 it explains to us how to stay on track so we can obey God learn to love Him and be an actual help while we are on this planet. Please slowly, carefully, read it. 

Thank you, I pray this helps someone, Wanda Payne.

Money is not Bad

Money is not Bad. God expects us to prosper. It takes money to send the Gospel across the earth. It's just that following Wisdom will bring that money, prosperity to your life a lot easier than trying to do it yourself. Or doing it Satan's way. Thank you again.